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Jamie Smith

Jamie Smith

Jamie Smith attended the University of Victoria and majored in Visual Arts with a minor in business. But her real education came from the traveling she did during that time.

She learned ancient history through places like Machu Picchu and Angkor Wat and human history through Auschwitz and the Ho Chi Minh Trail. Her passion for art and adventure grew in the museums of Europe and exploring caves in Guatemala.

After her travels, she returned to Vancouver to complete a Bachelor of Art Education at the University of British Columbia.  The idea of combining a career and adventure was too exciting to pass up, so two days after graduating she flew to Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates to begin teaching art.

During this year in Abu Dhabi she learned about Islamic art, cultural differences and love. Some lessons were easier to learn than others. She moved back to Vancouver a little wiser. She continued to teach art but was feeling very restless and began searching for what would make me happy.

She decided to follow my passion for making art and began renting a studio of my very own. Her artwork focuses on layering elements to reveal and conceal areas of the canvas.


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